The Solitary Naturist

Since I discovered the joys of being a Naturist nearly four years ago I have looked for Naturist Groups in Nova Scotia that I could join. One such group called the Bluenose Naturist Club of Nova Scotia. They claim to be a family-oriented club founded by a group of regular beach users in 1990 after police visited the beach to make arrests for indecent exposure. Crystal Crescent beach and Suzie Lake which is 20 minutes outside of Halifax are now the only official designated areas for Nudists. Anyone caught in the nude on the trails off the beach or lake area can get arrested. The Bluenose Club hold swims at a Halifax pool on Saturdays from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm – Member’s pay $10.00 and guests $15.00 per head. Annual Dues are $20.00 (Family or Single). On seeing this I thought, great finally a place that I can enjoy being nude in a social setting. I wrote to the club Administrator only to find out that since I was a single (meaning alone) and my hubby is not a naturist (or female) I was not permitted to join.   Something to do with balancing out the male to female ratio.  I have since found and joined another group in November of last year through Meetup called, the Halifax Drama-Free, All-Welcome Skinny Dippers. So far, they have not had a group meeting this winter but hope to have something in the summer at the beach or lake. I can’t wait. Be Free and Naked. Fabien thCATGLVCHMe9NvoZ8.jpg small


6 thoughts on “The Solitary Naturist

  1. Hi Fabian,
    Your comments in the above article concerning the Bluenose Naturist Club (BNC) being a, “cover for a swingers group” are absolutely incorrect.
    The BNC is an affiliated member of the Federation of Canadian Naturists ( FCN) of which I am an east coast director. I can quite categorically state that the BNC is not, nor has ever been in the past a swingers group or has ever been affiliated with one. If there was even a suggestion of this sort of activity their FCN membership would be immediately terminated.
    I don’t know where your source of information came from but it is completely incorrect. In the future I would advise you to ensure that your writings are more factually correct before publishing, I would therefore respectfully request that you either amend the offending paragraph or take the article down completely in all the sites where they have been published.
    If you would prefer to discuss this matter further in a more private setting I would encourage you to email me at:



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